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Welcome to this Wiki. In these pages, you will learn how to use ProScanMobile for IOS.

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What is ProScanMobile?Edit

ProScanMobile (PSM) is an application for the iPhone family written by me, Jean-Francois Drapeau, using Xamarin.IOS. With PSM, you can connect to ProScan servers all around the world. ProScan is a wonderful application made by Bob Aune and is available at

I have made PSM as a part time project because I wanted to learn how to make IOS apps. I'm also a huge fan of Uniden scanner and love to listen to live audio feed from our local fire department. I have my own scanner (a Uniden BCD396T) connected to a Zbox Box running Windows 7 and the latest version of ProScan Server.

PSM is available for free in the iTunes App Store at the following adress:

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